I’ve just been reading this post on the blog That’s Not My Age and it reminded of the fact that we visited the exhibition mentioned, in the British Library, when we were in London the other week.  There was something about the notion of taking a polaroid at the exhibition that tickled my fancy!  So here’s my ageing Punk on Polaroid (he’s not really that old – honest):

Punk 1976 - 1978

Punk 1976 – 1978

A Postcard From London

Last week we were in London.  When we were there we visited the National Gallery – so many pictures from my art history lessons – I love it!  Anyway!!  As we were coming down the stairs in the Sainsbury Wing I spotted London through the window.


Now thanks to the power of Apps* is seems to have taken on a postcard feel – I like it.


In the picture is The Gift Horse on the Fourth Plinth, Nelson’s Column, & the London Eye

*Apps: A Color Story & Snapseed


Lomophoto No.32 Childhood

This is and isn’t my photo and it both is and isn’t an analogue/digital photograph.

La Charge – (rue Dussoubs)

Paris 29/08/1915

The Charge

The original photograph was taken by Léon Gimpel – Children acting out the war that was going on around them as the Grenata Street Army.  Childhood is learning and understanding through imitation.

I took this photo with my iPhone when we were in the Panthéon, Paris.  It was on display along with another exhibition of Memorials of the Great War in France


This really made my day yesterday.  What normally happens is that we plant something in the garden and it immediately starts to die off.  However, in the second year it comes back to life, it happened with the honeysuckle and it now seems to be happening with the holly.

When we put it in the ground, the leaves started to die off, berries went and never came back.  But! whatever way I was looking at it yesterday I saw that there was a load of new leaf growth – a light green growing above the deep green of last years leaves.  Upon closer inspection – we have BERRIES!  ok they’re green right now but it will be a lovely crop when (if) they turn red.


Lomo Challenge Subject: Hero

I typed this a while ago but …

Victoria Wood.
It’s not my photo. I’ll never get a photo so all I can do it work with somebody else’s.
The buzz phrase at the moment is “See it to be it”, now I never wanted to be a stand up comic, but my reading of her was there’s this lady on the telly and she’s just as good, no she was even better than her contemporaries- men do it, women do it, so we’re equal that means I can do whatever I want!  It just so happens that at the age of 40 I still don’t know what that actually is!  However what I do know is that I was right.
The other thing about Victoria Wood that makes her one of my heroes is that she was bloody brilliant.  Fantastically funny, wonderfully wordy, her songs were about the normal and how absurd it is.  She is one of the few comics that have reduced me to tears!  As an actress she was great – I remember her in “Case Histories” she was not the Victoria Wood we love to have a jolly with, she was transformed into this humdrum security guard, played not for laughs but with great sympathy.  Another role she had (& wrote) was that of Nella Last, another hero of mine.  I went straight out and bought the books.  Yes, they are different but if it wasn’t for one I’d never have had the other.  There was also the documentaries, the musical she wrote – I really could go on!
I’m going to miss her – 3 cheers for repeats and my prized possession of Dinner Ladies on DVD, they are all we have to look forward to.
May she live forever in our hearts, memories and laughter.



The concept of family is open to so many interpretations.  Do you consider your friends as family rather than blood relatives?  For me I love all of my Aunts, Uncles, 1st cousins, 1st cousins once removed, 2nd cousins, 2nd cousins once removed and all the other combinations.  We have a good laugh when we meet up and these days facebook keeps us abreast of what we’re all up to – gone are the days when myself and my cousin Ian would write when he was studying over in the UK (actually it’s kind of sad that we don’t any more)  Holidays were spent trouping from house to house, sleeping on floors, sharing beds, camping in gardens.  The thing is – Family is no guarantee that you’ll get on so I’m glad that I can count my cousins as friends.  However they are friends with that extra layer – I know that our families have been friends going back generations.  Ok now I’m wittering!

On Friday we were at a family reunion for his family and it was the first one that himself has gone to.  I was touched by a simple gesture from one of his aunts – a warm shake of the hand and the phrase “Welcome to the family”  It’s one of these unnecessary sentences that you know the person means it.  During the family photos I took a photo over my shoulder of his aunts and uncles – because of the way I was sitting I managed to leave an aunt out – I do apologise!  There was one other uncle not there as he has sadly passed away.  However I have to laugh- himself has more aunts and uncles on one side of the family than I do in total!! (8 versus 5)


I have to say it was a great night and lovely to meet all the cousins!