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Just Dandy

A while ago I purchased some lenses for my phone – it was a standard little kit containing a FishEye, a Wide and a Macro.  If I am honest the fisheye and the wide do nothing for me, maybe I just don’t have the  imagination or maybe I just haven’t found the right shot…  On the other hand I do like the macro!  Having put the Kit away safely and forgetting about it, I found it again the other day!  That say me on my knees in the back garden photographing Dandelions 🙂

This is the result, without any filters or editing:



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BW Day 7: Alone in Berlin

This is not a new photo, but out of all of the photographs I’ve ever taken this is one of my favourite.

Berlin in Fog - view from a cafe

Sitting in the Einstein cafe on the Alexander Platz, looking out of the window at the Alexa Shopping Centre .  It was a misty evening, the street lights were glowing, the coffee shop was reflected in the window and a man walked by.  At that very moment he existed both in the reflected world and the street outside.


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BW Day 2: Is It Me?

Ok so there is a person in my photos – it’s me!  Specifically it’s a me I recognise.  I know that when you take a self portrait the phone the image is flipped or to our eye it’s flipped – it doesn’t look like the person you see in the mirror.  So this is the me that I see…

How I see myself

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BW Day 1: Mirrored Hands

Over on facebook I have seen several people doing a 7 day Black and White challenge so I have decided to give it a try here instead.  There seems to be a few stipulations, like no tagging people and forcing them to participate and there should be no people in the photos.  However as this is not fb I can’t tag people and I intend to ignore the “no people” element (although that is not to say there will be people in my photos) because some photographs just have to be taken.

Floating Reflections

Yesterday we were out at the Hermitage Hospital where himself was having his annual CT Scan.  In the Reception area there is a marble hand in front of a mirror with half a ball protruding from it.  I can not find who did it other than artists mark at the wrist.

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A Few Recent Photos

I’ve been posting on Instagram a bit lately but I somehow always manage to forget to put them up here too.  Here are a two of the recent ones:

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