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Plans & Intentions

Ok the plan!  We’re getting a new kitchen put in next week so we are half way through clearing out the presses and drawers – we should have been doing it all of the last week but hey life sometimes gets in the way or at least watching telly gets in the way.  So while we were supposed to be getting ready for the kitchen we were in fact digging up the back garden 🙂  What happened was we bought a lawn mower – after 6 yrs!!!  and after cutting the I’m loath to say grass but after cutting the grass we realised it’s all in shocking condition and really should be dug up  – along with all of the stones and bricks that the builders left behind – and new grass should be planted.  Cool!  let’s get stuck in!  Oops this is a bit more than we anticipated – ok we’ll do it in sections!  yeah sections – that way we won’t have a muck patch for the summer.  So the first section is almost dug – that was my job as himself can’t do anything too strenuous ’cause of his operation – or at least that is what he tells me! He gets to rake and shake – make sure the stones & roots are taken out – we have other stuff to mix in and after that it’s the seed and even more stuff!  Ah yes some day we’ll have somewhere nice to sit out.

So the intentions:

I’ve to make a biscornu for a lady himself works with – she is retiring in June but was fascinated with the one I made last year so I’m changing the colours to make it into a christmas decoration ’cause I’m not too sure if she’d use it as a pin cushion.  I started it on Saturday and hopefully it won’t take too long – well I have at until June!

My sister is pregnant – so I’m going to make a blanket!  It’s a slightly second-hand blanket even though it’s not even made – I originally got the wool for my step daughters baby but things didn’t recover between herself and himself so I did two rows and put it away so I reckon that will probably do.  I know it sounds bad but in fairness my sister couldn’t remember the blanket I made for the first baby.

An intention/plan is to make sure I have my digital camera with me more.



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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