So The Challenge Begins

My sister is due her baby (boy, I believe) in a day or two under 3 weeks away – although in all likely hood she will pop before then as she is MASSIVE – well I think she’s massive but I’m no expert.  Anyway I had decided not to do anything for the baby as K is not crafty and has no idea or appreciation of all that goes into it – yes she appreciates being given a gift but the hand-madeness of it goes a little over her head – so no blanket for Nephew No.1 😦

However at the moment I’m busy (well pottering rather than busy) making a super granny blanket  – thanks to lidl and their wool sales!  This is my first foray into granny squares – why haven’t I done this before – they are great!  So, when I saw this blog post this evening I thought I’m going to have do this for the new mini.  Here is a pic from the post:

Really cute baby with lovely blanket

So I’ve had a quick rummage in the wool box and have come up with a few suitable colours for a boy so the race is on.  As I said she has three weeks to go or so but we’re all expecting to get the call any day now to say we’ve a new family member.

So can’t stop to chat must get going on colour devising and general crocheting.

Busy! Busy! Busy!


One thought on “So The Challenge Begins

  1. Great to have found you and thank you for leaving a comment! I’m very chuffed that you would repost my photo! I thought the colours might be a bit psychedelic for a baby, but our little one doesn’t seem to mind 🙂

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