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Premature Christmas (Sorry!)

Yes I’ve said the C word or X if you are so inclined and I’m going to gush for this post – so please forgive me this momentary lapse.

Today I was wandering through the Ilac centre in Dublin City Centre – I was completely horrified to see Christmas trees, baubles & lights all over the place.  In my imagination I like to think that they made people work late on Oct. 31st so that on the stroke of midnight they could put up all of the decorations.  However I know this isn’t true cause last week I saw trees in windows days before Hallowe’en (I’m not going to let this upset me).  So on the whole while I do enjoy the christmas stuff that’s on the shelves it does irk me somewhat that it’s this far in advance (for the likes of decorations – gifts are ok)

I don’t know if it’s just me but I have little markers at this time of year – When his b’day is over I mentally start preparing for December, I’ll discuss it out loud after Hallowe’en (who am I kidding – I talk about it all year!!!)  The M&S food catalogue appears so I know that dinner will be sorted.  However the one thing that shouts CHRISTMAS to me is my December issue of the Good Housekeeping magazine.  I Love Love Love it!  It used to be a case that I’d buy it on the way into work and because I’m supposed to be working the boss would borrow it for a quick peek and give it back at lunchtime when she’d get her own copy.

So this evening – we’d just run out of cat food – we are such bad parents!  Hop into the car and nip down to the shops – the pet shop has the expensive stuff I mix with the cheap stuff but no cheap stuff 😦  none of the other shops have it either – how about we pop over to Tesco?  Ah sure why not?  As we weren’t on a shopping trip and the place wasn’t crowded – I just wanted to pop over to the magazines – see what’s out.  There it is!!!  December GH!!!  How fantastic!  will I read it tonight or will I save it for work?  I think it will be a morning break read for tomorrow and then there’s the weekend – woohoo!  Anyway I grabbed the mag very happy with myself and the start of Christmas.
Strolling on I saw a telly that they were selling and I stopped to watch the DVD that they were playing – it was Yogi after all!  That’s when the penny dropped – it’s Yogi!  actually it’s not just Yogi -it’s Yogi’s First Christmas!!!  This is not available on DVD – I know this ’cause I’ve checked and checked – I’ve even checked this year and nope, nothing, nada!   So what’s it doing on this telly?  Quick!  straight down to the DVD aisle – (mercifully I caught my typo – DVD isle)  There’s the DVD – I can’t believe it!  I spend hours scouring the childrens cartoon channels throughout December looking for this.  I really can’t believe it!  I couldn’t pick it up fast enough.  I had to fight with myself to stop myself from bouncing, giggling and generally whooping my way around the shops.  You know – I really did think that my heart was going to burst.

Ok we can now go back to being rather calm and patient while we wait for December.  However underneath every once in a while I’m going to be getting what are almost like spasms of joy over getting this DVD.  I want to watch it now but to be honest I’m going to wait for a few more weeks.

 Yogi's First Christmas


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