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Crochet Projects – Why I should finish them!

Some time – possibly this time last year – I started doing an afghan / throw type thing – it was supposed to be for Christmas (yes that again) but of course I only got so far and I put it down.  I picked it up again earlier in the year and did a bit more but put it down yet again.  I picked it up about two weeks ago and haven’t touched it ’til today and that’s when it struck me!  When you’re working on something and it’s on your lap it seems massive and unwieldy but it’s supposed to be, it is for the sofa after all.  You see this is where the problem lies – we’ve changed sofa – we no longer have the two seater sofa but a three seater – I’m looking at the throw laid out on the bed – I haven’t seen it like this in a while – it’s going to be sooo dwarfed on that –  oops!!

So had I finished it when I was supposed to I would have had at least one use out of it ! – OK I will use it anyway but I can’t help but feel I should have finished it – how many more projects have I in bags that will be ever so slight defunct by the time I get back to it? (Let’s not talk about the jumper)

BTW this is what the throw should look like –

 What I haven't managed to do yet!

This is the blog the picture (post here) was taken from:


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