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La Petite Cuisine a Paris

Last night we sat down to watch The Little Paris Kitchen.  It was the second episode – somehow we managed to miss the first one but I would say don’t miss the next episode on April 3rd 20:30 BBC2.

I watched the entire episode and it turned me into a big ball of jealous 🙂  Let’s start with Rachel Khoo – OMG she’s so pretty and her make-up was so stylish

Then on to her dresses, they were just so pretty and would almost tempt me into a dress (don’t tell anybody I said that)

After that we saw the kitchen – the tiles on the wall, the butlers sink, the teeny tiny kitchen (no hob just portable double gas ring), her utensils were the business!  her mixing bowl was a simple white enamel with blue rim, because I have blue and white ware envy.  I’m not sure what her colander  was made from other that made from pretty but that’s  ’cause of the lovely flowers around the bottom end of it – keep an eye out for it.

Now that we’ve finished with the settings let’s move onto the food – himself paid it all the highest of compliments when he said it all looked as if he could make most of it.

She made:

Eggs in Pots (oeufs en cocotte)
Boef bourguignon with baguette dumplings
There was also a devine looking chocolate pudding with caramel.
Trout in Parcels

I’m delighted that there will be a book out in April and I’ll definitely have it on the birthday wish list – it will be her first one in english, the other two are in french & dutch and I lack a proficiency in either)

Did I mention that the premise of the series is about a small restaurant that she opened in her flat in Paris (Oh to have a flat in Paris!)

Here is her Blog – prepare for pictures!



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