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A Walk Into Work

This morning was my second morning to walk into work.  I should qualify that statement – I didn’t walk all the way from home ’cause that would take hours – what I did was summoned up all of my willpower and actually got off the bus when we reached the Phibsboro end of the Whitworth Rd.
There are two ways walk down the road – but you have to choose and it’s not easy to change your mind once you’re committed.  The first way is to walk down the road, the other way is to walk along the canal.  The reason you can change over half way is there is a sunken railway line separating them so no ducking across.

As it’s usually early morning (well 8.15am so not that early) it is however early enough so that any undesirables that may hang out around the canal haven’t surfaced so I walk down by the canal.

Yesterday I couldn’t stop thinking Oh that’d make a nice picture, so would that and that!  So this morning I grabbed the camera and off I went.

Time to start out on my walk.










Because the mornings are beautifully calm so it the water and it gives a lovely reflection

this one almost looks like a little robot face 🙂

This is the first lock that’s a bit easier to get a picture of –

As it’s a double lock-













These are were the only people I saw on the way – a power walker & a jogger.  Maybe it’s something I should aspire to?

In the distance you may (or may not) notice a swan.

Here he is!!!

 And Upside Down












I’m almost at the end of the scenic part of my walk to work.  Just beyond our feathered friend is a statue of Brendan Behan.  He’s just sittin’ and takin’ it easy.

However he’s not alone taking it easy and watching the waters.

Just beyond that wall it’s back to streets, traffic, noise and people.  This stroll really is the calm before storm that is a day in work

Some of the other photos are here



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