Taking Pictures

When I did the 30 day photo challenge I found it a bit much to do a picture every single day  – but now I kindda miss it!  I have been looking at the various photo challenges online but they really don’t do anything for me and I refuse to partake in anything that says sunflare! – I haven’t seen the sun since I was on holidays in July!!  I know I could make up my own but I don’t have the imagination – it’s the same with crafting – I can’t make up patterns I need instruction.  Anyway back to photo challenges – in work I get a newsletter from:  http://digital-photography-school.com  and every week they have an assignment and that I think that will suit me down to the ground.  So rather than posting my endeavours to their website I’m going to post them here – possibly a few but always definitely one per week.

Speaking of the digital photography school site I really really should actually start to read the newsletter and explore the site – see if I can actually figure out what the hell I’m doing.  I have to admit I’m really enjoying the photography – I hope manage to do something with it.

Speaking of which if any of you are eligible or interested there’s also this:

Could You Be The Irish TImes Amateur Photographer Of The Year?


I’m kindda tempted but don’t know if I’ll take anything worthwhile submitting – we’ll see…

So I believe that next week the assignment is going to be Menu (expect a few pub chalk boards).


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