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Time Team: the End of the Road

It makes me very sad to see Time Team is coming to an end. I will have fond memories of the programme – it is the reason I came to the internet! They had a wonderful website for their live dig weekends. Of course those weekends were on the August Bank Holidays which is different to the one here in Ireland so it meant that I had to take the Monday off just to keep up with it! The programmes were all fairly instructive whether it’s how to dig on a site, the historical period being looked into, the restrictions that the team had to abide by in some instances or the legal obligations.
I shall miss it greatly I can only hope that there will be a never ending supply of repeats on More4 and the Discovery Channel.

Francis Pryor - In the Long Run

Today Channel Four announced that Time Team would cease to be broadcast after Series 20, which goes out early next year. So what went right? How come we managed to keep a big-budget TV series on the nation’s free-view screens for twenty years? That’s an extraordinary achievement. Time Team has been the longest-running archaeological series in the history of television. There’s going to be a documentary about the history of Time Team, which is currently being filmed, so I don’t want to pre-empt any of its conclusions, but it’s essentially a story of humble origins, steady growth, a huge flourishing – what could be bigger than a synchronised ‘live’ dig at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Holyrood House – and a rather sad, if mercifully short, decline, which reached its worst in Series 19. I’ll talk about the decline shortly, but first a few words about why I think

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