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London Adventures – Thoughts pt1

Over the weekend we were in London.   We were in a hotel we’d stayed in before, just for one night.  However, that particular time we always left the hotel and turned left – had we turned right we would have spotted the British Library and St. Pancras Station.  As a fan of the Poet Laurette John Betjeman this station is naturally a place you simply have to visit.  It was a magnificent building – so beautiful.

We decided to head straight for the statue of JB but seeing as how we didn’t have a clue where it would be in that big building we decided to ask somebody.  P. was a curious as to whether you could just walk up to somebody and ask where the statue was but I reckoned it wouldn’t be any bother (HA!).  I spotted two chaps that worked for WHSmith so I asked them if they knew where the John Bethjeman – the response was “who?” and the other guy when “what?”  after giving a quick description of the statue we were pointed in the right direction.  I have to admit we were both a bit flabbergasted that these two hadn’t any idea who we were talking about but that might just be us…

There are one or two photos of the statue but I haven’t even unpacked the camera so here’s the Instagram I took:

It was a magnificent statue standing at 7ft of the poet looking up/around at the station he helped to save – below is a copy of a photo from wikipedia and it’s much better than anything I could have taken and the inscription around the feet is mostly legible.

The existence of this and for me to see it meant a lot to me and makes me happy simply to know I was there!

Here’s a little treat to end it all:



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