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30 Mins Left in 2012

Well as I type I’m sitting on the sofa with a cat on either side and himself has hit the hay.  The telly is desperate so I’m watching a programme called The 100 Greatest Musicals – it’s fab, I really do love those musicals!

So how was your Christmas – mine was very very low key.  I’m reluctant to say disappointing ’cause that gives the impression that I had unrealistic expectations but that wasn’t what happened.  When I finished work on Friday he mentioned he had a bit of a rash/hives and it spread all over  him by  Saturday, on Sunday I had a stomach bug and had no appetite and bad nausea which he then  picked up.  My bug cleared early afternoon on Christmas Eve and while his hives went his bug stuck around ’til after St Stephens Day – poor pet!  So with himself out of sorts and having to look after him and pretend that Christmas was kindda happening it was a bit of a let down but on the whole it wasn’t too bad all in all.

I have to say himself was rather generous this year – he got me a set of bobbins and a pillow so I can investigate bobbin lace – woohoo!!!  After that there were the Books!!  it does deserve that capital B

Lets start with B – b for Bradshaw!  We’d been watching the Michael Portillo programme about traveling using his Bradshaw and a new one has been released – I’m sooo chuffed.  The surprise book was “Classic Fairy Tales of Charles Perrault” illustrated by Harry Clarke

The last book was The Rainbow Orchid – if you haven’t heard of it let me tell you – you are missing out on something really really special!  My pressie was a compilation of the three instalments and I’m hoping that this will be my first read of the New Year (26mins to go!)

The best bit about my copy of The Rainbow Orchid is that himself had gotten a sketch done just inside – it’s of Evelyn Crow (a baddy) ’cause we’ve similar hair styles – how cool it that?!?!?!

Evelyn Crow Sketch

Take a look at this sketch – it really, really does look as if it’s printed on to the page – but it’s NOT this has been drawn coloured/inked/painted on and it is so fantastic!

So there’s Christmas, New Years is a bit of a wash out too as mentioned but I’ve plans for the New Year – I’ve yet to formulate them into anything coherent but as there’s been a lack of posts I do apologise and am going to do a 30 day photo challenge just to kick start myself into the New Year.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and that your 2013 is full of Fun & Laughter – take care of yourselves and have a good one!

(10 mins to go!)



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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