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Another Baby Blanket

My cousin is having a baby!!!  There has been much family rejoicing over this although this will be my aunts second grandchild.

I haven’t met the first grandchild but she always seems such a happy bubbly little lady – she lives in the UK and I haven’t been down the country whenever they’ve been over 😦  So I feel slightly guilty that I didn’t make her a blanket – it was a hard time in my life and this poor little mite represented a life that was now beyond my reach but now there’s another baby coming into the family so it’s blanket time!

I’m tempted to contact Ms and ask her is she going to find out what it is, are they going to have some sort of colour scheme for the baby room but that might just come across as being a little bit overly organised 🙂  SO I’m going cream – you can’t beat a non colour – and it can be a surprise!  Mind you how much of a blanket does a July baby need?  When it comes to little people I really don’t have a clue!!

So Blanket!  I’m going to make this one (Sorry but it’s a Ravelry link) Little Miss Sunshine it looks nice in the pictures but we’ll see what it looks like when it’s pouring off the hook:


Wish me luck! but most importantly Wishing her Luck!  She’s going to be a great mum!




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