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Photography Course Day 2

Not sure if I mentioned signing up to do an introduction to digital photography?  Well I did and today was the second day (only 2 more left!)  We were asked to take photos throughout the week but it was the kind of week where I simply didn’t get the chance and any chances I did get I didn’t take 0_O

So today I got the earlier bus and got at the Whitworth Rd & Phibsborough/Finglas Rd and decided to go for a stroll along the canal, hopefully get a few pictures.  These were done without me messing around with the aperture or the shutter speed – I think they turned out ok – mind you I did take loads of photos but one or two came out nice.

I had some pics of swans but they look better in black and white – it was an overcast morning so it all looked a little bit bland.

Anyway Swans:

After that I went for a walk across one of the locks and managed to get a lovely shot of the canal.


and while I was there I managed to get this as the water went over the lock


Afterwards I walked onto the class.  I have a feeling that it’s going to be a bit like art in secondary school.  You’d be told what to do and then you’d go away and do you own thing in the hopes that it’s really what they’re asking you do 🙂  Ultimately it will all come with practice.  We’re to get a project to do and I’m sweating bullets about it – eek!  Well I suppose we all have to start somewhere…

I did manage to get another solus picture so I think I’ll give that a post all by itself




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