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Social Networking

I’m on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram, Flickr,,, Ravelry, Craftster, Livejournal & WordPress.

For the most part it’s reading the same people saying the same thing on various different platforms.  WHY!?!?!

I think I’m coming to the end of FB – but I just can’t seem to quit – I’m rather lazy so it’s a handy “keeping up with folk” tool.  However some of the content can be soul destroying.

I tend to keep twitter as a celebrity stalking tool – I find it entertaining to see their interactions.  I like posting to it ’cause I tend to treat it as an “I’m only talking to myself out loud” place – I’m not looking for gratifications of likes and comments etc.  Yes it’s nice when it happens but not the reason for it.

G+, what exactly is it?  I very, very, very rarely post to it, I don’t read it – I haven’t really figured it out.  Let’s not even mention Linkedin!  I joined to contact somebody (I never heard back from her) but now I’m getting mails from it telling me of all of my other friends who are on there – How the? What the? so I think that account is going to be shut down.  Actually I think I might nobble the G+ one too (eventually)

Instagram, Flickr & are all photohosting sites with the insta. & flickr kindda inching towards social network.  I do like these, you simply get to look at pretty pictures and tick the ones you like., Craftster & Ravelry are more or less forums – I don’t contribute to forums – Ravelry, I like as it’s a wonderful source for crochet patterns.  Craftster is also handy to find out how to do things.  I shall be delving in soon to find out how to tackle bobbin lace 🙂

LiveJournal & WordPress – BLOGS!  And these are the way forward for me.  I know what most of my friends are up to even without FB (the source of all social knowledge) besides how much can you tell in a line or two??  So I’m finding that I’m gravitating back to  the blogosphere- I’m interested in what others are doing, but I like the detail, the random thoughts behind stuff, the why along with the what.



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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