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A Rummage In The Archive: Neil Gaiman & Amanda Palmer

Last night I was having a look through my external hard drive for a particular photo and one thing I noticed is I’ve an awful lot of photos of my cats, a MENTAL amount of photos.

I also came across a few photos from an event we were slightly involved in.
Back in 2009 Amanda Palmer was playing a gig here in Dublin and Neil Gaiman was over too.  Chapters were looking for Neil to do a signing and Neil was helping Amanda to look for somewhere to play a free gig for some of her younger fans (the venue for her official gig had an age limit).  So when the question can Amanda play & I’ll sign? was put to them what lunatic would say no?
Anyway with my little Olympus camera I happily snapped away as Amanda sang & Neil read. As a side note it really is amazing to see the difference in quality between the Olympus & the Nikon (Then again I might be getting better myself!)

So here are four photos of that memorable night:

Amanda, the Ukulele & the Audience

As the lady entertains Neil watches & waits for his cue to read:

After the entertainment it’s Signing time:

One last task – Behind the scenes, signing stock:

The Weary Entertainers


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