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I Love My Daddy

Yes it’s Father’s Day, so Happy Father’s Day to all of you Dads and wannabe dads!

This is my Dad:



About 10yrs ago or so he had a hard time of it and had a breakdown.  I don’t think he’s ever fully recovered – his confidence most certainly hasn’t but that’s ok I’m 38 (almost) all of my formative memories have been long since made.  I owe an awful lot to my dad.  He introduced me to all sorts of music and there are some pieces that I can’t listen to but I think of him – Paul Simon/Simon & Garfunkel, Carmen, Jona Lewie, Don Williams (actually most Country Music)  & ELVIS – daddy is a massive Elvis fan or as his aunt used to call him: Evely Prevely.  There’s also a lot of television in there too – Dave Allen – my word but he was hilarious!, Red Dwarf from the first episode (I was 13), along with Blackadder from the second series (I was 11), The Goodies, There was of course Star Trek the original series – not entirely sure if that’s due to Mam or Dad…  Basically when it came to telly – we were allowed to watch what we wanted – I was never really aware of any censorship – maybe I never really wanted to watch stuff I shouldn’t have been.  Anyway the one piece of telly that will always and forever be Dad was watching Val Doonican – when I was little, very little – 4ish or there abouts, Val Doonican would be on the box on a Saturday or a Sunday evening, I can’t remember but what I do remember was that it would be on after my bath and straight after the bath it would be down to sit on daddy’s lap and watch/listen to Val Doonican, hopefully have a grape or two.

Speaking of food – Dad= grapes, chocolate (Toblerone), garlic chicken, really thick veg soup with melba toast, dilisk, oysters, mussels – he did a fabulous thing with them one summer – cooked the mussels and split the shells, onto the mussel in the shell he put breadcrumbs & garlic butter and these were toasted under the grill – it was to die for!  and finally Cheese – this being the one I did not get a love for.  I think when it came to cheese I was too young and my pallet wasn’t prepared for it so I’ve never gone back to give it another try.  Another thing I didn’t get a love for but am still reminded by is runny boiled egg on toast – Never have breakfast with somebody having that – it will put you off your food!  On the other hand I was getting a lift from him into work at the time so he could eat what he wanted 🙂

As mentioned there were the lifts into college & work – this brings about  Rabbi Lionel Blue – I love that man!  There were also the trips to Waterford and then all holidays were in the car and driven – flights weren’t invented in our house at that time.  So we were filled with BBC Radio 4 when the signal would allow it and tapes when it wouldn’t.  However chats in the car I think shaped my way of thinking about things – Dad was an awful man for setting problems – mathematical & logic.  I saw awful ’cause at the time I had to think and was rather reluctant to do so – now that a good 20 years have passed I can look back with fondness 🙂  He did his best with me when it comes to preparing for exams although my sister thinks the folks may have put too much pressure on me (this may be true) but he was also preparing for exams – he had gone back to college and was studying and doing his finals when I was doing my leaving cert.  This is pertinent at the moment ’cause I thinking of following in those foot steps – however the future is a long way off yet…

Another thing dad did for me was persuaded me to start driving.  He even gave me a few lessons – EEK!  not sure how bad it was but in the end I passed so what harm – we’re still talking – only now I can drive over to them to chat.  He was also a man for tech.  We definitely had a video player & computer in 1981 – the video was a top loader and the computer was a Commodore Vic-20.  He always got the most up-to-date technology and held onto it ’til it was almost obsolete and the went out and got the most up-to-date again.  I have to admit that, that is something I tend to do too – and we won’t mention the radios (I may have a few)

Yesterday when I was dropping over his card & gift we sat down and have a grand chat, just the two of us.  He’s the voice of reason – I was telling him my side of all that’s going on in our lives at the moment and he had sound advice – get off and don’t get on the rollercoaster.  Dad is the one to go to if you want a cool-headed response – Mam will give you the emotional response – I try to go down the middle path – doesn’t always work but there you have it.

So yes I love my Dad and I love the memories from the past and the chats of the now.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad!



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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