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Here Comes The Summer

For the last few weeks we’ve been experiencing some very seasonal weather – which makes it rather unusual!

This morning I checked the weather forecast, put on my sandals and grabbed the umbrella.  To be honest I reckoned I was probably going over the top bring the brolly, but sure what harm?

Throughout the day the weather swung from glorious heated sun to sudden downpours.  However I was inside so the sandals were safe and dry.  It started to rain again about 10 minutes before I finished up and it didn’t look to be easing up by the time I was shutting the computer down.  Time to break out the umbrella and working on the theory that you can only get so wet and after that it doesn’t matter, I prepared to head off out into the grey splashing street.  As I was about to head off a colleague passed by saying something about wellies…

Well let me tell you – I know some people think I’m a bit odd, and on a few occasions I have been asked why I have a pair of wellies under my desk.  Well the answer is: for days like today!  Off with the sandals and on with the socks (yes I’d a pair of them in my drawer with the runners – they don’t know how odd I am!) and off I went.  Foolishly I didn’t tuck the jeans into the boots – I’m not sure I could, but anyway!

When I came down to the door there was a crowd of people – some of them reluctant to leave the building others doing their best to try and step into it.  All of them going nowhere in the hopes that the rain would stop.  Me?  Nope, excuse me, excuse me! and off we go!  in some places the people look like they are doing some sort of guard of honour, in other places they appear to have formed fantastic queues – I don’t think there were any films in the cinema that were that good!

Today It Rained…

By the time I reached the bus stop the water had soaked up the leg of the jeans like a digestive biscuit, but due to the heaviness of the rain my thighs were getting a fair soaking and so the dry patches were eventually squeezed out.  However, my feet were dry and by the time I got on the bus I’m convinced they were the only part of me that actually was dry.

Rainbow Bright

I’m home now.  Jeans have been peeled off and slippers are giving a great sense of cosy.
Himself is almost celebrating the return of the Irish Summer but unfortunately we appear to have gotten it all in one day.
I wonder what it will be like tomorrow.




As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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