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Too Ambitious

Yes, I had a feeling that putting Pt1 on yesterday’s post might have been a little bit too ambitious but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to aim high…

It seems yesterday turned into a very busy day – We pottered off down to the village to collect a prescription and dropped into the hardware store where we found some garden furniture oil.  Tick a job off without having to divert off somewhere later in the day.

While himself was in the chemist, I dropped into one of the local shops – I’m addicted to a bubble gum they sell.  I passed by their magazine rack at the door and spotted a leaflet about evening classes so foolishly I picked it up.  Why foolishly?  Well ’cause there on the Wednesday night is a class for Tai-Chi.  I have been searching a number of years now for a class that fulfilled one or two criteria-
1) if it’s on late then can it be local please
2) not held during working  hours
3) either located near me in work or near me at home and not on the other side of the city and a therefore making the journey home consist of two bus trips.

Yes I know I’m being fussy but now here it was in print – Wednesday, 7.30 – 9pm in a school nearby!  price €60.00 for 10 wks!  So I went through the afternoon feeling conflicted ’cause the classes in Polish are on Mondays & Wednesdays, and are almost 11 times more expensive!  Without giving out the details everybody said to the course I’ve been looking for but unfortunately Trinity wins due to the fact that I need to be in that kind of class to get into the swing of college, classes, study, homework etc.  I’ll just have to keep and eye out and hope that the Tai-Chi is on offer again next year!

Sorry about that little diversion!  After the local shops, our next mission was to get rid of two bags of books to a charity shop.  Down to Mulhuddart to the Charity Shop there.  As we were going in I spotted a notice on a door saying they weren’t taking cuddly toys or books.  Himself was astounded and had one or two ideas about what they should and shouldn’t be doing – I won’t go into detail but they did consist of things like organise them, change the prices – in this situation they are his opinions to tell, I didn’t care I just knew that we hadn’t managed to get rid of them!!

The next job on the list was: Ikea!  a box for his shoes that will fit under the bed.  It sounds so simple!  We came out with 2 boxes, well it wouldn’t hurt me to have somewhere for mine, 2 cardboard boxes for magazines, and a set of shelves for the shed, we jettisoned a duvet cover at the till.  I think that’s the problem really, we go in for one thing and come out with 7 other things that are all equally vital and important.  The other thing about Ikea is, if they ever had an adults only shopping time we’d be there!  We got hit with soft toys twice by two little fellas having the next best thing to a pillow fight. It was alright though ’cause their parents didn’t give a shit that they were hitting other people along with themselves, so why should we care!  Then there was the young girl whose head we almost clobbered.  We were pushing our trolley the lady was dragging her trolley by the end, with one child sitting in it and the young girl at the other end where the handles are leaning back so to get a blood rush to the head and she was swinging.  Did her mum tell her to stand up straight and stop messing ’cause she almost got hurt?  Nope.  So after those two run ins (as such) and getting stuck behind slow-moving, let’s have a chat… Right Here! Why can’t people simply step to one side?  – Ok I’ll stop giving out – but it is rather tiresome 🙂

After Ikea was the last thing on the list of things to do – Howth!    Buy some fish!  We parked up, went for a stroll looking for somewhere to have a coffee, maybe something to eat…  We stopped off at Mauds, He wanted the seafood chowder (well it is Howth) and I decided upon the soup of the day.  Sorry we don’t have any chowder – Ok what are the soups? – Er we don’t have any but we do have these specials, Oh and we don’t take cards only cash – Ok thanks, we’ll go somewhere else.  We strolled along to Jamie’s Cafe, himself had the breakfast sandwich and I have the chicken sandwich.  I think he won the sandwich competition – it looked delicious but I was very impressed that the chicken in my sandwich was chicken breast rather than a reclaimed meat.    Once satiated, we strolled off to the Little Shop of Books.  We came out with 4 books and a present of a book.  I reckon that himself would love her set up!  Anyway – my books were Take Two At Bedtime by Margery Allingham, Ways Of Seeing by John Berger & my gifted book was Nemesis by Agatha Christie.  According to himself the John Berger book was something that “you have to read!”  Fair enough!  We were supposed to drop back with the bags of books but we went a different way and I couldn’t figure out how to get back so the books are to stay in the car ’til we’re in Howth again.  After the book buying we stopped of for ice-cream cones and a spot of fish shopping.  We picked up 3 oysters for me, two salmon cutlets & periwinkles.

When we got home himself had a lie down and I tucked into the oysters – the first one was an experience ’cause I’ve never opened an oyster before.  While I was doing battle, I had the winkles boiling away.  It did smell a bit funny but again this was my first time.  I had some and it was grand.  When himself got up I served him a little bowl of winkles – it was his first time to have a winkle and his first one was the one that smelled – shall we say “ropey” – He will never, ever, ever have a periwinkle ever again, Oh Dear!  The smell of it almost put me off.  In the end there were too many for just the two of us, which turned into one of us.  The Salmon is now for Sunday Dinner.

For all of the adventures of Saturday, I carried my camera around in my bag and didn’t take it out once.  My theory is that if I had it hanging around my neck I would probably have been snapping away like crazy but out of sight, out of mind and I’m too busy looking around to remember to record it all.  I’ve just realised that the iPhone didn’t even get taken out for photos!

The books:



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