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Busy Day Today

Today I’m busy, busy, busy!

Last night we got a text from the airport saying we can drop our bags off early – as in this evening – but we have to be at the airport 3hrs ahead of our flight rather than 2hrs (Why???).  I have to admit the thoughts of handing my luggage in at a random time makes me a little nervous – will my bags actually be on the same flight as mine or will they end up somewhere even more exotic? – I suppose we’ll know by lunchtime tomorrow…

So today involves:

1) Getting my holiday notebook put together

I usually get a notebook when we’re away and fill it full of where we want to go, addresses for postcards (BTW if you’ve given me an address that’s it you’re on the list forever!!!), present listing,  then continue filling in where we actually went, what we bought and how much we’ve spent.
I really must do a post on my love of notebooks…

2) Pack suitcase

I’ve been watching the weather forecast for the last few days and I think we’re going to a slightly soggy city.  This I can’t wait for!  Although I’m still not entirely sure what to pack – coat wise.  I may bring my hat too as they can be less dangerous than umbrellas – with their spiky ends, especially when held by short people who don’t give a sugar!
Shoes! what will I bring for them – it will always be sensible shoes for me I’m afraid but – runners yes, but sandals or shoes? argh!  There’s nothing worse than having to make a decision!

-eek it’s only as I was putting tags on this that I remembered I’ve to pick out my reading material! – I have Good Housekeeping and Nella Last but maybe another book?  possibly not – back to the old not liking the decision-making process!

-eek2 must charge camera batteries! – an all other batteries but Argh!

3) Visit Father-in-law

I haven’t managed to get out there since he went into the home and as it’s his day to go visit the Dad and ’cause I’m not in work, I’m going along too!  Also as I’ve the car it’ll be a faster journey – it takes himself the best part of 2hrs simply to get there by bus – you’d swear it was the other side of the country and not county!! Add another 2hrs to get home again.

4) Tidy up

We’ve folk coming in to feed the cats so I don’t want them to think we’re living in a pig sty, a half one maybe but not a complete one.   (My next project will be the bedroom when we get back)

Although I suppose the first thing I should do is get washed and dressed – I fancy another coffee though.




As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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