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Power Cuts

Well in an attempt to explore the everyday here’s what we’re up to in an attempt to be bit prepared for the up-and-coming ESB (Electricity Supply Board) strike.

To start with, we have a gas cooker – so we can continue to cook!  A few years ago a friend mentioned she had a cooker top kettle rather than an electric one.  A cooker top kettle!!  What a fantastic idea – it’s just awkward trying to pour from a saucepan.  So we’re sorted when it comes to cooking but what we’re going to cook will be another matter!  – Shops will have to dig out those price guns and calculators!  we on the other hand will have to dig out our hard cash, as cards might be nobbled.

Another thing that is fairly fortuitous, the weather is due to be mild – PHEW!  Mind you I have a lot of jumpers, blankets and gloves so I’m sure I could go around looking like the michelin man (I object to being cold in the name of cool)  However the other day a friend had on her FB about how her sister had tried this heating trick out and it apparently works – so today we got the bits’n’bobs and tried it out.  It will keep the nip out of the house or at least the room we have it in – possibly the bedroom…

Lights!  Well the Christmas tree lights will be off 😦  – that’s why I’m putting it up this weekend rather than next weekend – I demand at least a few days of twinkling loveliness.  I know there’s the suggestion of putting candles but let’s be honest – that’s just heating up the apartment to the extreme.  What we did do was go to the hardware shop and bought lamps – two of them so we’ll have a bit of light.  This is a similar lamp:

  Rather funky isn’t it?

So we’ve lamps and candles – therefore lights are sorted.

The only thing I’m not be overly impressed by will be missing Telly!  The Nerve of them!  on the other hand due to a spate of power cuts a long time ago (our area seemed to have a fault that occurred during a light breeze!) I have a transistor radio (when I originally got it, it was simply a tranny but these days it’s probably not the done thing) that picks up BBC Radio 4 so to be honest I’m sorted.  We can have the internet but that’s a bit costly – I can charge my mobile & iPad in the car but that means driving – I’m not sure how the pumps will be working so I’d rather not waste it willy nilly.

Yes I know that I’m making it sound like once the lights go out it’s not coming back – but we’re still not sure if it’s going to be rolling power cuts or simply turned off and that’s that.   The other thing of course is that there’s still a week to go – the whole thing might be called off (hopefully) – the next week will be interesting…

I’ve just read over this – it makes us sound like we’ve no life!!



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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