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New Years Resolutions 2013/14

So these were last years resolutions – well I think goal might be a better expression – anyway here they are:

New Year Resolutions
  1. Get weight down to as close to 12st by the end of 2013. 

Well I kindda did it – actually I almost got to my goal of 10st – yes I managed to lose 3st in total.  I’m rather pleased to say the least.  Mind you Christmas was rather detrimental to the diet – however it all starts again on Friday – from 3lbs to go I now have 9lbs to get rid of 😦

  1. Do at least one jigsaw in the year – don’t leave it ’til Christmas

Again with the kindda – I finished the Jigsaw I started last Christmas and I’ve also finished the one I got for Christmas.  I’ve started to do another Christmas one – I’ll be impressed if I finish it before Christmas ’14…

  1. Again don’t leave it ’til Christmas to bake (it’s fun!)

Ok again not exactly successful with this one and it was Christmas again before I really got baking  – the Pudding was a success though

  1. Make a concerted effort to do housework

Meh!  yeah we did and we almost had it nailed but life got away from us so must try harder…

  1. Try to concentrate more and read at least one book a month!

see response to no.4

  1. Finish a few of your crochet projects

Yup – started and finished a few things – rather pleased with that one.  Although the Christmas blanket isn’t finished yet so hopefully we’ll have it done by Christmas ’14

  1. Try to blog everyday – even if it’s just a photo or a few words to say nothing happened today.

Well that didn’t happen did it!!

  1. Clear your desk in order to study some foreign languages

Desk was cleared every once in a while but never for long and as for the languages well I’m no further on now than when I originally wrote the intention.

  1. Speaking of language – try to cut down on the swearing please.

Yes I’ve tried to do this – when I say not successfully – I haven’t eradicated swearing completely but I have reduced it a fair bit!

  1. Don’t be afraid of pretty things – you are worth it too you know!

I’ve been using the pretty things!  So yay!

  1. Make effort with letter writing and emails!

Again see response to no.4

  1. As you don’t exercise much please use the wii fit a bit this year.

HAHAHA!  still not fit maybe this year – I’m such an optimist…

So what are the plans for 2014?

I kindda like last years so I’m going to try and keep them up/improve on/finally achieve them.  I think I’ll add:
no. 6.5 and mention cross-stitch along with the crochet in no. 6
No.8 amended: instead of study languages – change to study.
no 13.  – Photography – keep taking pictures!

Here’s a photo of this years Christmas Jigsaw:



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