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I used to have another blog and I mainly gave out about things in it – nothing major just daily grumbles but somebody pointed out to me that I always give out in my blog and I must be a very grumpy, unhappy person.  I was devastated to hear this feedback ‘cause as far as I was concerned – once the grump was over I simply got on with things as happy as larry.  I didn’t have any problems writing about my grumbles ‘cause others would go – that’s me!!  I know how you feel etc & blah!
Well I’ve news folks, this blog may start to go down that road too.  I’ve looked online but never really found a place where I could voice my sadness, anger & selfishness at his diagnosis of cancer. I’ve always been reluctant to do here, ‘cause well, not after that conversation above.  I promise I’ll try and write about our adventures and happy times too, along with the observers perspective of his cancer & treatments.
Sometimes I find it very difficult to write so is might take to format of a letter or a diary – not entirely sure.  I hope this won’t be too cancer centric but the tag line to the blog is exploring the everyday and right now that’s with us every day.

On the other hand my main anxiety at the moment is having to get rid of books and clutter – it has to be done but I’d rather just wave a magic wand and have it done with.



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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