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A Walk At Lunchtime

For a change I decided to go out for a walk at lunchtime.  Although I took my camera I only used my iPhone – it had been too wet to take out the camera and after that I just didn’t feel like it!

I had decided to go to up to the Blessington Street Basin and by the time I arrived it had stopped raining – woohoo!  So with the sun shining across the water I decided to get the phone out!  The first one is actually without a filter – but the sun kindda made a bags of the light – funny that!  Anyway as it almost looked black and white I decided to see what the various filters looked like on the camera:

Without Filter
Filter: Instant

I’d taken a bit of a fancy to the filter Instant so continued to snap away 🙂

For this photo I realised the sun was going to kill the colour so walking to the end of the line I got a photo of a few pigeons on parade:

Just as I was about to leave the basin/park I decided to really see what some of the other filters were like:

Filter: Instant




Sorry for not clipping and cropping but I thought I’d put up the slightly unedited photos  (I am counting the filter as edit – but that’s just it)

After this pretty point in my walk I made my way back into the soggy city streets.