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Me & My Lump

This is mainly a note to myself, a marker.

Yesterday I really noticed – not entirely sure how to phrase it – a new lump? a change in the lump?

As a side note – when you notice a lump, your head starts to reel – Oh My God, what is it? Whats going to happen to me? Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Please, please, please let me be ok! as it turns out I was ok(ish) – I’ve to go back in December to make sure – so once I was told that then all of a sudden Lump becomes normal, I just have a lumpy tit.
However as mentioned yesterday I became aware of a change in lump. If you think of a breast as a clock face (12 near shoulder) first lump would have been between 11 – 12, but closer down towards the nipple, this new bit is more at 8-9 more 9 though and a bit further out. Just to be on the safe side I got a second opinion – the wibble that P. had means that yes there is lumpage.

Again I will keep an eye on this – if it continues to change rapidly – well I’ll have to do something about it – but if it’s a slow change then December will do and I’ll bring the details of these changes.

Just thought! – A girl in work was saying to go to the doctor but right now I’m at the wrong point in my cycle to do anything about this, so I’ll have to wait for a bit anyway.



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