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Downloaded Reading

This August we’re going to WorldCon/Loncon3.

It should be fun but conventions really are more his thing than mine and more so as I’ve drifted very far from reading Sci-fi & Fantasy – I’m now predominantly reading what Hodges Figgis terms “Cosy Crime”.

One of the events at the convention is an award ceremony – if you are circulating within the genre circles you will know there has already been a debacle about it – if you don’t know, well you’re better off and it’s not something will change the world as you know it – dismiss it as internal group politics.  However as a member of the convention I will be entitled to cast a vote and the debacle will/has prejudiced my voting.

How do you know where to cast your vote?  Well the other day the Hugo Awards Voters Pack was released and last night I started the download.  As a normally slow reader, I know I’ll never get it all read – that’s even if you exclude The Wheel of Time!  But I’ve started with the graphic novel & fanzine categories and I have to say I’m rather enjoying it!  I’m disappointed that Saga wasn’t offered in the pack as himself raves about it – but I’m sure it’s on one of his shelves.

I’m not a great one for reading electronically but I rather enjoyed reading the comic on the iPad (1 down 2 to go!).  So that might be a new avenue for me to explore…

So it would seem that I’m getting sucked back into SFF – but that’s ok ’cause good stories are good stories no matter what!



Hugo Award Shortlist

Progress Reports





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