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Alice Pyne, Her Bucket List & Her Family

I was doing the washing up and the telly was on in the background.  It was a programme with Alan Titchmarsh about making gardens for deserving people/families.  I was only catching the odd word here and there – “setting up a register” “donations” “charity”  something about it brought to mind – Alice’s Bucket List.  Alice was a young girl, actually more young lady, that had set up a blog to document her bucket list and how she got on fulfilling it.  I think her blog was probably the first bucket list blog to gain great notoriety.  I have to say that despite having terminal cancer she really seem full of life but eventually the cancer beat her.

The words in the background made me wonder how were her family getting on?  I must go back to her blog and see if there’s any updates…

Then I heard the name Alice being mentioned, after that they talked about Milly – wasn’t that her sister?  Oh my word – this was Alice’s family!  They were talking about how they were getting on, the things they were still doing (campaigning & fundraising) and how they missed Alice.

I’m really glad I caught this programme, I don’t normally watch it – almost fortuitous.  It was good to have caught up with them and I have to say I wouldn’t have minded the garden that was made too 😉

I’ve looked back at the blog and it’s now being updated by her Mum & Sister.

Alice’s Bucket List

(If you click on to Alice’s blog, do try and click on to her official links)

Alan Titchmarsh Episode: Love Your Garden




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