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7 Things About Me

Over on Facebook I was nominated to tell 7 things about me.  Over there, there are a fair few folk that have known me for years so trying to dig out things they wouldn’t necessarily know isn’t all that easy.  So here it goes…

1. When I was younger I wanted to be an expert knife thrower like in the Cowboy movies or an orchestra conductor and failing that I wanted to study behavioural psychology.

2. I love Christmas and listen to Christmas Carols all year.

3. My first computer was a Commodore Vic-20 ( the predecessor to the Commodore 64) This means I’ve been around computers for the last 35/34 years – and I’m still not sure what I’m up to half of the time!!!

4. Nella Last is my hero.

5.  I’m fascinated by the weather

6. I seem to suffer from a lack of confidence – I know some of you might not believe it but it’s true.

&. finally

7.  I love to take photos and got my first camera in ’83 when I won a prize in the Texaco art competition. (my Flickr & Instagram)



As I type I'm 40 odd yrs. Sometimes very odd :) I'm married and have 2 cats - Oscar & Daisy. I love to cook, craft, read & watch TV This is to be the place that makes me smile.

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