A Few Recent Photos

I’ve been posting on Instagram a bit lately but I somehow always manage to forget to put them up here too.  Here are a two of the recent ones:


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The Evening Commute

It’s been a while since I’ve had the camera out.  It’s been a while since I was ‘actively’ taking photos.  So it’s time to start posting again!

Sitting at the back of the bus, looking out through the rain.  Looking at reflected of lights and blurred headlights, a wonderful way let the working day drain away into the puddles on the street.

Abandoned Berlin | Documentary | Abandoned Berlin

Source: Abandoned Berlin | Documentary | Abandoned Berlin

This blog post has a double interest for me:

  1. It’s about abandoned Berlin – which is fascinating, that so much is just left.
  2. Graffiti!  I love it and where better than an empty abandoned building?

So while the narrative is very interesting and the visuals are somewhat haunting – the images within that are wonderful!  It would never have dawned on me that you could have graffiti wallpaper (as such)

On the whole well worth a watch – and for more follow that blog!!

Abandoned Berlin


I’ve just been reading this post on the blog That’s Not My Age and it reminded of the fact that we visited the exhibition mentioned, in the British Library, when we were in London the other week.  There was something about the notion of taking a polaroid at the exhibition that tickled my fancy!  So here’s my ageing Punk on Polaroid (he’s not really that old – honest):

Punk 1976 - 1978
Punk 1976 – 1978

A Postcard From London

Last week we were in London.  When we were there we visited the National Gallery – so many pictures from my art history lessons – I love it!  Anyway!!  As we were coming down the stairs in the Sainsbury Wing I spotted London through the window.


Now thanks to the power of Apps* is seems to have taken on a postcard feel – I like it.


In the picture is The Gift Horse on the Fourth Plinth, Nelson’s Column, & the London Eye

*Apps: A Color Story & Snapseed